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Moana Faces The Chocolate Pit Until She's Completely Submerged.

Moana has been challenged to enter the dreaded pit, but with her favorite messy substance; lots of dark, gooey chocolate.

She must keep her head inside the pit while I (Bagheera) pour 2 large cubes of chocolate directly onto her face, to the point where it is completely submerged within the sticky substance (The challenge is completely safe and no one has been hurt in this scene)

She really enjoys it even at one point she talks from inside the pit, again and again she turns her head making her face completely messy with all the chocolate, also some pouring into her mouth makes it an epic scene.

Find out if Moana manages to complete the challenge and join her on this chocolatey adventure!

WAM Bagheera Studio
WAM Bagheera Studio @WAMBagheeraStudio

Mhabel's Pop Quiz

"Did you studied for the exam?"
After having missed school because of the trap that Lili set for her, where she destroyed her entire uniform (If you haven't seen the previous scene I recommend you take a look! The scene is called "Lili cheats on Mhabel") Mhabel arrives at school the next day with her new uniform, which also includes a new tie, what she did not expect is that Professor Baagheera would I was expecting a rather sticky and messy end-of-year exam.

Mhabel couldn't lose her reputation as the "nerd" of the school so she decides to accept the challenge and try to answer some of the (complicated and always almost impossible to answer) questions of teacher Bagheera.

It's easy if you answer correctly nothing happens, but if you fail you get smacked in the face by the beautiful Professor Bagheera who wears a nice skirt, and pantyhose and high heels.

Stick around and find out if Mhabel can pass the exam in this fun trivia game, Yummy Pies fly all over the place while the girls have a really fun and messy time.

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WAM Bagheera Studio @WAMBagheeraStudio

Lilli Cheats on Mhabel the Brainy

Lili envy Mhabel for being the smartest and most popular in her school, she decides to set a very funny trap for her!

Seeing her leave her house for school in her cute uniform with a white shirt, a black bow tie, a plaid skirt, her high white stockings and her polished black shoes, she can't resist and asks her for help with some homework, only to make her come in, in his room where she keeps it with a very messy surprise.

Mhabel, without suspecting that this pretty girl will be her worst nightmare, agreeing to help her.

Upon entering the house, Lili shows Mhabel her secret amulet, which was a gift from her grandmother, but when she stares at it she is immediately in a funny trance, now Lili is ready to destroy Mhabel's cute uniform.

He ties her up and wakes her from her funny trance only to see her throw a big pie in her face without letting her say a word.

Little by little Mhabel's uniform is completely destroyed, then Lili applies green slime to Mhabel's head and body followed by a lumpy orange slime that fits her perfectly with this now destroyed school uniform.

Now Lily get Mhabel again and this time asks her to destroy what's left of the uniform. As she does so, she applies a thick black slime saying that she should be destroyed and that she should make it very sexy. In the middle of the funny trance, she feels that she is taking a bath in her shower, now she is completely covered in black, her stockings, tie and shoes are destroyed.

In the end Mhabel only will remember that she enjoyed taking a slime bath and being completely disastrous.

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WAM Bagheera Studio @WAMBagheeraStudio

Penance of Foam Pies and Chocolate; The Party Continues!
"Bagheera party dress + bikini"

Today I invited many of my friends to my house, a party to relax a little, but I lost a game and I had to pay a penance, getting messy with foam Pies, 2 buckets of chocolate, while the party continued, then I had to go back like this our fun party.

I start dressed in my party dress and then with so much mess I take it off to end up in my underwear!

A video for lovers of disorder, seeing myself covered and messy, while I dance and have fun, it was difficult to contain myself since I couldn't eat the chocolate with so much foam.


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WAM Bagheera Studio @WAMBagheeraStudio

Get It Right or Get Messed Up Ep1 Emily First WAM Experience

"Episode 1 Welcome to My New Show"
This is turning into a big disastrous madness... my friends are getting more and more crazy about the mess, they want to get completely messy and then sit down and talk about how it felt...

That led me to create a new Question and Answer Show called "Get it Right or Get Messed Up" I will invite any of my many friends who want to have a fun WAM experience.

The first Guest on our show is my dear friend Emily, it's her first time getting messy and you can't miss it!

I can't deny that her answers and reactions surprised me, even more so when she responded that the most poisonous animal in the world was her mother-in-law... haha I haven't stopped laughing since then!

Her cute outfit and her beautiful hair end up completely ruined after a series of punishments (Slime, Pie, Pie Sandwich, Gunge, Head Dunking, Heels filling) every time she answered my questions wrong!

I hope you enjoy it, I promise you a lot of fun and this beautiful girl getting completely messy!

Surprise ending!

WAM Bagheera Studio
WAM Bagheera Studio @WAMBagheeraStudio

Naughty Schoolgirls Receive Their Deserved Messy Punishment

"Lili and Layla humiliated in front of the whole school"
These girls think they can come to school dressed however they want, I see them sexier and sexier every time and the teachers have been bringing me complaints about them all week.

I couldn't let them pass one more! My job here is to maintain order as the exemplary Director that I am and that's what I set out to do!

It's time to teach them how to behave and I know the perfect way to do it!

After the massive destruction with many delicious, creamy Pies and some buckets of disgusting colored Slime, their cute School Uniforms were completely ruined and I made sure the whole school could see them by recording a video and leaving this sanction well documented!

Apparently it was clear to them that in my school the rules must be met no matter what, otherwise their punishment will be increasingly stronger until they learn that I am the one in charge here!

Duration: 10:00 min
Cast: Bagheera, Lili, Layla

WAM Bagheera Studio
WAM Bagheera Studio @WAMBagheeraStudio

Bagheera Chocolate Pit 2.0 Layla's Revenge

Enjoy this messy scene where Layla dares Bagheera to put her head in the Slime Pit, this time Layla is going to pour 2 large buckets of thick Chocolate directly in her face to the point where her head will be almost submerged in the entire substance .

Duration: 15 minutes
Cast: Bagheera & Layla

WAM Bagheera Studio
WAM Bagheera Studio @WAMBagheeraStudio

"The Messy Classroom of Latinas"

Taking advantage of the teacher's absence, they decide to have a contest without suspecting that they would be completely covered in cake and their uniforms would be totally messed up.