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New update - Rozie was a diligent college student who loved learning and spending time with her friends. On a cold winter afternoon, as the sun began its descent, Rozie found herself walking home alone from college. She had gotten separated from her friend Sarah at the end of the day, but she didn't think much of it and decided to make her way home on her own.

As Rozie walked through the fields on her way home, she was becoming increasingly desperate to pee.

With each passing minute, Rozie's desperation grew. Her bladder, feeling fuller by the second, sent waves of discomfort through her body. Rozie's mind raced, desperately seeking a solution.

She looked around, hoping to find a nearby public restroom or a friendly store where she could ask for help. But the surrounding woods offered no signs of civilization. Panic started to set in, and Rozie knew she couldn't hold it any longer.

Frantically, she scoured the area for a secluded spot, a place where she could find some privacy and relieve herself discreetly. However, the dense woodland seemed to deny her any solace. The cold wind bit at her cheeks, and her heart pounded with anxiety.

Finally, unable to bear it any longer, Rozie succumbed to the inevitable. She started to wet herself, her tights and white panties soaking through with warm liquid.

As she stood there, wet and defeated, a rustling sound broke through the silence. Rozie turned her gaze toward the source of the noise. Emerging from behind a thick cluster of trees was Sarah, her long-time friend. Sarah had realized they had gotten separated and had been searching for Rozie.

To be continued…

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New update - Rozie takes a fully clothed shower in jeans, a pink bodysuit and Calvin Klein thong.

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New update - Sarah is a blonde girl with an infectious smile and a love for all things wetlook. She had always been fascinated by the sensation of water on her clothes, and the way the clothing clung to her body, accentuating her natural beauty. One sunny afternoon, Sarah decided to embark on an exciting wetlook adventure that would quench her thirst for aquatic joy.
With a mischievous glint in her eye, Sarah assembled her outfit for the occasion. She slipped into a pair of tight green trousers that hugged her curves, playfully revealing the subtle lines of her panties beneath. On top, she chose a short white t-shirt that accentuated her youthful charm. Completing the ensemble were her favourite stripy Calvin Klein panties, adding a touch of playful elegance to her attire.
Sarah's heart raced with anticipation as she made her way to the bathroom, where she knew of a hidden gem—a green tiled wet room, the perfect setting for her fully clothed shower. The room was secluded and serene, featuring a large showerhead that cascaded water in a gentle, inviting manner. Sarah's excitement grew with every step, and soon she found herself standing in front of the green-tiled oasis.
Taking a deep breath, Sarah confidently stepped into the shower, fully clothed from head to toe. The droplets of water danced upon her skin, slowly soaking her green trousers and white t-shirt. The fabric clung to her body, moulding to her feminine curves and revealing the contours that made her unique.
As the water embraced her, Sarah closed her eyes and surrendered to the joyous sensation. She relished the way her tight trousers hugged her legs, showcasing her panty lines, while the t-shirt stuck to her skin, outlining her graceful figure. It was an exhilarating experience, a celebration of her love for wetlook and the freedom it brought her.
Time seemed to stand still as Sarah danced and twirled, fully immersed in her wetlook adventure. Her laughter echoed through the room, blending with the rhythmic patter of the falling water. She felt a profound connection to the element that surrounded her, a connection that transcended the boundaries of ordinary life.
Eventually, she strips out of her sexy tight green trousers to reveal her favourite pair of stripy Calvin Klein panties.
As the water subsided, Sarah reluctantly stepped out of the green-tiled wet room, her clothes drenched and her spirit invigorated. She took a moment to admire the memory she had created which was a testament to her adventurous spirit and her unwavering love for the beauty of wetlook.
With a twinkle in her eye, Sarah knew that this would not be the end of her wetlook escapades. She had discovered a world of joy and self-expression, and she eagerly looked forward to the next chapter in her watery adventures.

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New update - Natasha, a hardworking and exhausted young woman, arrived home to a chaotic apartment after a grueling and stressful day as a secretary. The sight of unwashed dishes strewn across her living space further dampened her spirits. Determined to restore order, she immediately set to work tidying up and tackling the dreaded dishes.
As she scrubbed a particularly stubborn plate, a rogue splash of dishwater caught her off guard, dampening her clothes. Frustrated by the prospect of starting a load of laundry just for her work attire, Natasha paused for a moment. An unconventional idea popped into her head! Why not take a fully clothed shower?
Curiosity piqued, Natasha finished the dishes and made her way to the bathroom. She turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature to her liking, and stepped inside, fully clothed. The water cascaded over her, saturating her clothes and creating a unique sensation against her sexy body. To her surprise, she found it oddly soothing and refreshing.
A sense of relief washed over Natasha as the tension from her hectic day began to melt away. She closed her eyes, allowing the water to envelop her completely. The simple act of showering in her work clothes became a rejuvenating ritual, an unexpected source of solace in her otherwise demanding life.
As she reclined in the bathtub, the water continued to drench her, offering a moment of respite from the outside world. The weight of the day seemed to dissipate with each passing minute. It was as if the comforting embrace of the water was washing away her worries and anxieties.
After a while, Natasha decided to shed her skirt and tights, feeling an impulse to surrender further to the liberating experience. She continued to shower, now in just her black thong and blouse, relishing in the newfound freedom and sensuality of the moment. It was a rare opportunity to connect with herself and indulge in a small act of self-care.
Eventually, Natasha emerged from the shower, her mind clearer and her body refreshed. She wrapped herself in a cozy towel, feeling a renewed sense of calm and well-being. The unconventional shower had not only cleansed her physically but also provided a much-needed release for her tired spirit.
Reflecting on the unexpected delight of her fully clothed shower, Natasha couldn't help but smile. It had been an unconventional remedy to her stressful day, but one that had brought her immense joy and relaxation. From that moment forward, she decided to embrace the experience and make it a regular part of her self-care routine, knowing that sometimes, the simplest and most unexpected things could bring us the greatest solace.

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New Update - Lexi has always been restless napping and she tosses and turns night after night. No matter how tired she is, rest eludes her like a mischievous shadow. On one particularly restless evening, Lexi decided to venture outside for a midnight walk, hoping the cool night air would help calm her restless mind.
With a yawn and a stretch, Lexi slipped on her worn-out boots and tiptoed out of her house. The moon was high in the sky, casting a gentle glow upon the peaceful streets. Lexi embraced the solitude, finding solace in the quietness of the night.
As Lexi wandered further away from her house, an unexpected urge struck her. Nature's call, urgent and persistent, demanded her attention. Lexi searched for a public restroom, but to her dismay, she found they were all closed at night. The minutes ticked by, and her desperation grew.
Feeling her bladder about to burst, Lexi glanced around in a panic. In her moment of desperation, she made a decision she would soon come to regret. She found a secluded spot, believing it to be hidden from prying eyes, and let herself go.
The relief was immediate, but Lexi's triumph was short-lived as she realized the unfortunate consequence of her actions. Her jeans were now soaked, clinging to her legs like second skin. A mix of embarrassment and frustration washed over her, but she had no other choice but to continue her walk home, her wet clothes serving as a constant reminder of her predicament.
Each step felt heavier than the last as Lexi trudged along the dimly lit streets. The once peaceful night now seemed like an endless journey of shame. She passed by houses with closed curtains and street lamps casting eerie shadows, her wet jeans causing a slight squelching sound with each stride.
Lexi's mind was filled with worry. What if someone saw her like this? What if rumors spread, mocking her moment of weakness? She cursed her restless nights, wondering why she had ever thought a midnight walk was a good idea.
When Lexi finally reached her house, she slipped quietly inside, shedding her wet jeans and changing into dry clothes. As she settled into her bed, she was truly tired and finally had a good nights rest.

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New Update - It is a lovely sunny winters day in February and Natasha decides to make the best of the lovely weather and takes a walk along the promenade.
Whilst walking along the waters edge, Natasha receives an anonymous text message daring her to get into the water fully clothed.
She looks around to see if she can see who might have sent the message but cannot see anyone obvious.

As it is such a nice day, Natasha decides to complete the dare and get into the sea fully clothed in the middle of winter wearing jeans and a t-shirt with socks.