Hello my Wetlook Lovers!

This par of jeans need to get wet soon!

Should I use water or maybe whipped cream, hmmm 🤔🙃 ?
Please vote in the comments below 🙂

Hello my Sweetheart <3 Today I've got something special for us 😏

Come and see me taking bath in my new skintight jeans 🤩

A wet cowgirl you dreamt about last night just came to be true... 🤠 My checkered shirt and dark blue skintight jeans got so DIRTY in the stable! I hd to wash them immediately...

Clumsy me! 😌 I forgot to take them off 🤭

Anyway I really enjoyed taking a ride on your BIG BEEFY... horse! 😜

How about putting some foam on my jeans? Would you like? 😏

Once upon a time there was a girl who got so bored so she just had to take a bath in her skintight leggings... 😉

Hello all Wet Look Lovers! I'm Miss Behave and this is what I will be doing here. Maybe you will join me in the bathtub? 😈