MessyLeena @MessyLeena

Hello everyone!

Mistress Leena's WAMStructions!!

So you asked and you got!
Come and join me and get messy following my every command!

This video gets very naughty and my voice will put you in a trance so that you are at my mercy.

You will need to purchase the items on my checklist before we begin. In this video I take you from being totally clean to being totally destroyed in the mess I have chosen specifically for you.

This video is a longer upload and you will need around 30 minutes if you follow everything the way I have intended it to be followed.

You wanted the Mistress and you got her complete with a brand new outfit just for you. Are you brave enough to complete my task...

I am waiting. Leena xx.

MessyLeena @MessyLeena

Teaser stills from my debut video with Candy Custard 06/08/2022

The video is available exclusively on the Candy Girls UMD store!

Please go and show some support for me by purchasing the full video from Candy!


MessyLeena @MessyLeena

Leena Gets Trashed With Baked Beans and Thick Porridge!

Hey everyone!

So in this video... I pop my savoury mess cherry!

One of my very kind fans on OnlyFans decided it was time for me to fall victim to savoury mess in the form of baked beans.

In this video I have 2 full buckets (50 cans) of beans poured slowly over me and then comes 2 further buckets of really thick, cold and lumpy porridge!

There are also slow motion replays of each pour! Hope you enjoy this one! Leena xx.

MessyLeena @MessyLeena

Leena: The gunged and gagged maid!

Wearing my PVC maid outfit complete with gloves I was told to be tied up first and then gagged with the new unescapable ballgag!

Then it was on to the gunge!
(This video took me 3 hours to clean up after recording so please support it)

Gunge used:

Then more Green
Finishing off with Black!

I hope you enjoy this one. It has took me so long to get changed and cleaned up xx.

Parts: 3
Frame Rate: 60fps
Format: MP4